Fiadex offers a broad range of financial and corporate advisory services. Our work methodology is based on quality and exclusivity with a high level of self exigency.

Sale of companies
  • Valuation exercise of the company and/or specific assets
  • Work with the company in the preparation process
  • Advise on the tactical design of the sale process structure
  • Preparation of the marketing documents
  • Coordination with other advisors
  • Manage the contacts with potential buyers or investors
  • Tactical advise during the negotiations
Acquisition of companies
  • Identification and analysis of the potential acquisition opportunities
  • Lead the due diligence process
  • Valuation of the target company
  • Structuring of the acquisition
  • Advise and coordination of the financing process to fund the transaction
  • Manage the contacts with the seller and its advisors
  • Search of potential partners for the transaction
Merger of companies
  • Advise the company regarding the analysis and valuation of the transaction
  • Coordinate the work of other advisors
  • Perform the valuation of the involved companies and the definition of the exchange ratio
  • Tactical advise during the negotiations
Debt financing exercises
  • Support in the business plan preparation
  • Advise on the design of the appropiated capital structure
  • Elaboration of the presentation materials to the banks
  • Coordination of the lawyers work and other advisors
  • Coordination / management of the negotiation process with various financial institutions
Independent valuations
  • Independent valuation of companies / fairness opinion
  • Examples where an independent valuation could be needed: successions / heritage, conflicts among partners, employee stock remuneration
Other services
  • Re-structuring processes
  • Search of new investors
  • Privatization processes
  • Management buy-outs
  • Elaboration / review of financial reports

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